Thursday, June 27, 2013


This chart illustrates how our leadership team has worked for the last 14 years. The blue arrows represent the flow of leadership as the Trinity leads the pastor who then leads the other leaders of the church and then the pastor and the leadership team lead the congregation.
The red lines are very important because they show the fact that everyone is accountable to everyone. The pastor is accountable to God, to the leadership team and to the congregation. The leadership team is accountable to God, to the pastor and to the congregation. The congregation is accountable to God, to the pastor and to the leadership team. If any of those lines of accountability are broken, serious problems will arise quickly.
The leadership team is made of the various leaders in the church (some paid staff and some volunteers) and was established to enable the various ministries of the church to work together instead of being separate functions of the church. This creates better communication between the leaders and eliminates the extra meetings. For example, since the finance team is present when the building and grounds team is making a suggestion, we don't have to wait until another meeting is held in order to see if that suggestion is feesable at the present time.
Because of their position of leadership, there are some things that they have been empowered to do within certain guidelines. Because of the integrity and faithfulness of these leaders, we have been well taken care of as a church. If something comes up that cannot be handled by the leadership team alone, then they make the necessary preparations to present it to the church during a members' business meeting.
I am very, very thankful for the folks who are serving RFBC through the leadership team. I have seen how they care about the welfare of our church and our church family. God has richly blessed us with this group. Would you join me in thanking God for putting such caring people together as we celebrate 225 years of minstry this fall? God bless you.